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Crafting a Future For Our Communities.

AS MUCH AS WE CAN " quantum potest"

Hamuko Community Initiative (HCI) was founded by Innocent and his team of the most beautiful brilliant minds at that time. With the vision to improve the lives of the most impoverished individuals within his locality. He was born in the Southwestern region of Uganda 274.2 miles away from Kampala city but after several family set back due to loss of his mother and his brother by HIV/AIDS, at the age of 7 years, Innocent as the only remaining boy was given an opportunity to go to school in Kampala Uganda’s Capital by the visiting Fr.John Pearson. Fr.John was a UK based Catholic Priest who devoted his life to transforming the lives of children in Uganda especially those who had been hit by HIV/AIDS and the Northern Uganda Civil war that lasted for over 20 years. He picked Innocent and transferred him to Daughters of Charity orphanage in Kampala city to acquire education. Innocent was supported by Help Uganda Trust in the United Kingdom(a trust led by Late.Fr.Jonn Pearson) to go through his education career and he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology studies and a diploma in social works. Having been supported by the community in United Kingdom, Innocent saw the need to establish a platform through which they would network and mobilize resources to support their local communities who are being affected by refugee crises due to Long Instability in Easter DRC-Congo. Hamuko Initiative reduces poverty levels, Combats HIV/AIDS within communities, addresses famine by supporting small scale farmers and focuses on climate change problems. Hamuko aims to empower communities to defend human rights especially gender equity and children’s rights.

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Supporting Subsistence

We use Parish Development Model approach-a multi-sectoral strategy to improve incomes and welfare of locals. Households(a group of people who live and eat together irrespective whether they are related or unrelated), various households are organized into social-economic groups know as enterprises normally (minimum 30 members) through which we disseminate support to the enterprise group to improve their quality of living.


Generally, the organization activities are a significant contributor to the progress and achievement of the targets of sustainable development goals. Particularly our activities are crucial to eradication of poverty (SDG1), ensure health lives (SDG 3), and promote learning opportunities (SDG 4), empower girls and women (SDG 5), access to clean and safe water (SDG 6), partnerships (SDG 17). Also we shall maximize use of resources without depleting or degrading natural resources.  Therefore, we resolve to provide for ourselves a constitution of our organization and be governed by the provisions therein.


We work with community elders in combating the climate

change and soil conservation in this mountainous areas

of Uganda and the Greatlakes region.

Our Area of Focus
in our communities.

“Empowering women and other vulnerable persons to address hindrances to their advancement through advocacy, networking and capacity building.” We carry the objectives of reducing extreme poverty by eliminating immediate scarcity barriers, providing access to basic needs such as food, water and healthy care, promoting community let income generating activities and establishing village savings and building local capacity in the areas of financial literacy and community led developments.

Skills Dev’pt & Livelihood .

Gender Based Violence

Sexual Repro’d. Health

Engagement in Climate Change


Real people.
Real transformation

We support our local communities so that they can alleviate themselves from below the poverty levels.

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“Having enough food in communities is the power on women working hard.”
Sanyu, Kabale Uganda
“We support communities to ensure that there is food security.”
Ensi Lydia ,Kabale Uganda,
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Discriminatory Social Norms And Practices Against Women

In Southwest and Mid-North Uganda, Conflict can arise when women claim the land of a deceased husband due to their marital rights; however, local mediators such as clan leaders or local councils usually favour male relatives or receive bribes from them to rule in their favour.

All these discriminatory gender norms have negative consequences for young women in different spheres in their lives, including their income-generating activities and their ability to save or to own land.

  • Help for education
  • Help for humanity
  • Help for water
  • Help for food
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Step forward, to serve
Women, and create equity in Communities

Women in Central and Eastern have also enjoyed more land rights than women in other parts of the country. Under the mailo scheme,10 women began to inherit more land, and some even bought land.


Small Actions Lead
To Big Change.

Previously before Anent got knowledge of Tomato farming through Hamuko Community programmes I was growing other crops, I used to earn like UGX 200,000 in a season only. But when we decided to invest in Tomatoes after getting advice from our trainer through Hamuko “Embibo” training programme, nowadays in around three months, I can make between UGX 600,000 to UGX 900,000 depending on how the season has been. I go nearby the swamp here and grow [vegetables] and the demand is always high.

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Supporting Small Scale Farmers

Benoni is a resident of Kaara in Karengyere Parish. He comes from the Batwa Community.

The Batwa are now relegated to a lesser class of citizens, inherently landless and fated to be encroachers on other
people’s land, with a total population of about 300 (180 females and 120 males) work on farmlands as
peasants. Batwa community is regarded as the most deprived community
among the 94 villages in Karengyere Parish. Having lived in the forests for 100s of years, which were now gazette as National Parks, they lack the basic skills of surviving in today’s local villages.

Through our program of Send A Seed Batwa’s Project Benoni has gained enormous support in terms of training on how to grow Irish Potatoes, how to use pesticides and received financial support to rent this piece of land.

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We do it all for people
humans project

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Gender-Based Violence

To help violence prevention practitioners and their partners to

1) better understand and make a case for the connections between multiple forms of violence

 2) think strategically and creatively about ways to prevent all types of violence from occurring in the first place.

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Hamuko Uganda also performs some of its activities through sensitization, we sensitize people about issues in their communities and we inform them through outreaches, community forums, and trainings

 Domestic violence

Human rights

Health, reproductive education and

Environmental degradation

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Empowering women about the
community centralized farming
  • Fri, 08:00 AM – Fri, 09:00 AM
  • Kabale, Kigezi Region
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Training our communities about HIV/AIDS
  • Fri, 08:00 AM – Fri, 09:00 AM
  • Kabale, Kigezi Region
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HIV And Sexual Reproductive Health

We promoting awareness and good governance in sexual reproductive, maternal child health, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, and other health services. HAMUKO builds community capacity to lobby and advocate for qualitative and quantitative SRH, MCH, and HIV/AIDS care services. HAMUKO works with district and sub county health resource persons, nurses, HUMCs, PDCs, village health teams (VHTs), youth peer educators (YPEs), Private health workers, Traditional birth attendants (TBAs)

 Lest End Domestic violence

Human rights For All


Empowering Communities.
Real transformation

 “sustainable development” ? meaning growth that has got some self-propulsion and the ability to be sustained. However, we insisted on clarifying this point. Our question, then, was: “Can you have sustainable pregnancy?” This means pregnancy that is indefinite. The answer is that it is neither feasible nor desirable to have sustainable pregnancy. All the change we desire have been transformational , not just quantitative changes, but changes involving qualitative leaps. These are what we are offering our people; not just increasing quantitatively, but also assuming a higher quality.

The Right To Food

 The aim of HAMUKO’s Food, Nutrition and income program is to improve livelihoods through combined financial and technical assistance for rural women and youth with empowerment and training programs and engaging them in their development processes. On the sides is a group in Kibungo Village where we trained them on vegetable growing and they successfully harvested cabbages in their Last Harvest November 2022

send a seed Batwa community project uganda

 With SEND A SEED. The Batwa women peasants, who are provided seeds, grow them and on harvesting they provide the same amount of seeds that they were given, to another woman peasant each. Then use the remaining as seeds and some as for food and extra sold for income to cater for other basic needs of the families. Hence the name SEND A SEED

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We are committed to be the viechle for data gathering area based enterprise selection, provision of financial services provision of basic infrastructure and mind set change.

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Farming skills level up training project

Before the beneficiaries can get financial resources from our NGO, they have to undergo training supervised by the District Agricultural Officer. The objectives of the training are often clear while Introducing the project. Teaching the beneficiaries how to take care of the plantantions.Training beneficiaries how to construct a good shelter for the seedlings;
Teach the beneficiaries how to keep a logbook for the plantations;

Kagano women’s group harvesting potatoes

 We cooperate with over 200 mothers in the rural communities of Uganda, What we came to realize , majority of the women in rural areas are widows and are looking after orphans. this came to our attention and need to provide financial literacy to these local people and supported them for form groups so that they can create big chucks of land where they can farm together. we hope from this establish we will be to meet our end strategy which is supporting them to form cooperatives for sustainability of their group accumulated assets in the future.

Women cultivating fields after Trainings on new skills

 These Regions are quite impassable especially when one thinks of deploying Machinery to support in the cultivation process. We managed to get these mothers to form a group and cultivate the land together to make combined efforts yield better results. We often give them garden tools and often provide support in renting land for large fields. We are committed that with this approach we will be able to uplift our rural people from poverty.

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Kikumba farmers enterprise where over 25 farmers concentrate their resources to yield much output. We work with this group on skilling of finance, book keeping, soil testing programs, providing quality seeds from our partner researchers.

planting trees to conserve the Environment

 We move with a new plant of planting and acres of trees every after 4 Acres of land. This initiative is aimed at conserving the soils in this mountainous region and fighting climate change. This project has been tested and the response in positive in the various parishes we have approached.

Our Mission

We won’t stop until every
family can access gas to fight against tree cutting for firewood. #Climate Change

We work with communities in the grassroots and provide with them alternative sources of energy instead of cutting down trees for firewood .

Our Process