Who we are

Hamuko Community Initiative is a non-profit organization, which was formed in 2019 as a community
based organization. The socio – economic challenges of rural communities in Uganda including limited
access to; skills training, sexual reproductive health, HIV/AIDs awareness programmes, lack of
affordable housing, lack of access to clean and safe water, discrimination tied to gender and status, low
educational attainment limited employment opportunities, decreased anonymity among others are
well understood by community leaders.
Generally, the organization activities are a significant contributor to the progress and achievement of
the targets of sustainable development goals. Particularly our activities are crucial to eradication of
poverty (SDG1), ensure health lives (SDG 3), and promote learning opportunities (SDG 4), empower girls
and women (SDG 5), access to clean and safe water (SDG 6), partnerships (SDG 17). Also we maximize
use of resources without depleting or degrading natural resources.  Therefore, we resolve to provide for
ourselves a constitution of our organization and be governed by the provisions therein. Our thematic
area of operation include but not limited to;
Sexual Reproduction Health, Gender Based Violence, Skills Development and livelihood programs,
Engagement in climate change.
Emphasizing “that it is timely and imperative to implement sustainable interventions that help people
to solve their problems” We are therefore, passionate about serving individuals, groups, and
communities by helping them to access; quality and affordable skills training, support for vulnerable

Team Members

Our Dynamic Core Team

We are a team that does not compromise, do collaborate and very innovative with a fearless attitude.

Fany Umutoniwase


Lydia Ensi

Team Leader

Innocent Ampeire

Programs Coordinator

Olivia Turamyomwe

Chief of Staff

Ann Tuhirirwe


Nakawunde Getrude









About Us

Step forward to
serve humanity,
reachout & help

We build communities and transform our societies.

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We dream to create a bright future
for underprivileged communities

Below are people fetching water from a nearby swamp in Kabale district in Kigezi Region. Many people in the rural area trek long distances to fetch water, because the clean and safe water is not easily accessible and not available nearby to them like this boy. Access to major basics needs like clean and safe water is a right to everyone.


Support for Safe Water

Lets join in to support our local communities to achieve safe clean water for domestic use.


Capacity Building

We believe that empowering women in rural communities is the foundation of fighting against Violence against women.


HIV/AIDS Counseling

Together we can build water harvesting tanks in the areas affected by water shortages in Uganda.