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We are a very committed organization to supporting women groups in our communities to grow and increase of their financial independence.

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We have two offices in Uganda both in the central region and western Uganda.

Brilliance is evenly distributed but opportunity is not. We believe that if we give chance to the less previledge we hope the world can become a better place.

We are a voluntary, non-governmental,
non-profit organization that provides intercultural
learning opportunities to help people develop the
knowledge and Fight climate change


We cooperate with local leaders on the ground and village health teams as we continue to implement our projects.

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Hamuko Community Initiative is a committed organization that aims and transforming local communities in Uganda
We serve our people as much as we can..

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Frequently asked questions

Below is some of the guide lines on how we could help you help you to reach out to your needs and questions about and inquiries about our projects and organizations.

You can volunteer to join us and get an experience you have never encountered in a life time. You can participate by donating to our running campaigns or you can as well join us on the ground and we host you on a particular project.

To volunteer you can reach our to our programs coordinator by writing and emailing to us and we shall respond to you immediately and timely on the necessary possible arrangements.

Any contribution that is aimed to our ongoing campaigns and supporting our works as an organization is welcome. We appreciate your kind support.

We have our personnel in charge of communications. She will will respond to your appropriately as soon as you make submission to our contact details either by email or calls.

Trusted by more than 25,000 people

A top-rated Christian charity

We serve communities following the acts of the art of the greatest mast of Disciples Jesus Christ.