Supporting Refugees With Justice And Education

Uganda is host to 1.4 million refugees, the largest refugee hosting nation in Africa. Recently, many have arrived from DR Congo, where they are fleeing both war and Ebola. Life in the settlements is difficult, especially during the pandemic. Refugees rely on government support to survive. But food rations have been cut as more refugees arrive. Women and children must survive of maize flour and beans, but the rations now amount to a little over 1,00 calories.


In such difficult situations, refugee women and children end up breaking the law to survive. Women steal food simply to stop their children from starving. But when arrested, they are punished harshly. Conditions in prisons are poor, with a lack of food and sanitation. Every day they are at risk of violence.

We’re working with AWYAD and Penal Reform International to raise the standards of access to justice for women and children! That means ensuring access to quality legal support and providing training to the justice sector in child protection. We’re also directly supporting women and children to overcome trauma and build a life for themselves when they leave prison.

We believe that no child should have to fight for a safe, happy childhood. We exist to ensure that every child in Uganda can thrive from their early years through to adulthood.

We don’t work alone. Together with partners, supporters, children and their communities, we protect, educate and create lasting change for every child threatened by violence, neglect and conflict.

We specialize in ensuring access to inclusive education and safe spaces so that children in
Uganda can play, grow, learn and thrive.

In this campaign we work with other partner organizations to continue to support the people on this region.

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